Each year, especially during springtime, we get many calls from well-meaning and caring individuals who assume they have found an orphaned baby bird. They may have come across a bird that is partially feathered sitting on the ground below a tree and automatically assume that they fell from the nest and need to be helped. At this stage in a birds development, such birds are considered "fledglings". Fledglings normally will jump or fall out of the nest. This is their flight training stage. The mother bird will then continue feeding the bird on the ground until the bird is able to fly, which usually only takes a few days. Unless it is injured or nearly naked, in which case it may die from hypothermia, these birds should be left where they are. A young animal's best chance for survival is to be raised by its natural mother. There are many critical survival skills we can never teach them, including the times and locations to hunt or forage for food, how to avoid natural predators, or flying skills that are impossible to learn in even the largest aviary.

Rescue Phone Numbers in Southern California

Crows & Ravens:
Malibu: 818-222-2658
Simi Valley: 805-581-3911 /805-428-7105

Anaheim: 714-635-3368
Chula Vista Hummingbird Rescue Center: 619-420-5156
Ventura: 805-320-2438

Raptors & Birds of Prey:
Malibu: 818-222-2658
Ojai: 805-798-3600
Orange County: 714-637-8355
Orange County Bird of Prey Center: 949-837-0786
Simi Valley: 805-581-3911

Sea Birds:
Malibu: 818-222-2658
San Pedro: 310-514-2573 - International Bird Research and Rescue Center - IBRRC

Shore Birds & Wild Ducks
San Pedro: 310-514-2573 - International Bird Research and Rescue Center - IBRRC

Camarillo: 805-482-4127
Chatsworth (Jerry Lesser):818-773-0910
Laguna Niguel Pacific Wildlife Project: 949-831-1178
Malibu: 818-222-2658
San Dimas: 909-592-4900

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