General Wildlife Info

In a wild animal’s world which is quickly becoming the urban one, what our human instincts direct us to do is not always in the best interest of the animal. whether we are living in a wildlife area, corridor, foothills or even the city.

As nature is little closer to home these days, including our backyards, city streets and parks, our help is definitely needed but not in the capacity or to the extent that it is given. The best we can do for our wildlife is to stop poisoning, trapping, feeding, relocating and learn to trust in the natural world to keep things in balance within the urban one.

Many of these animals are here and thriving because of urban developments and in spite of them. Urban developments have much to offer in the way of agriculture, insects, rodents, trash, water, shelter, etc. The best thing we can do is to allow our wildlift to forage and hunt for themselves. In this way they will remain in their natural wild state, viewing humans as something to be feared.

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