In general the less intervention that is done with mammals, the better. Left alone, mammal mothers will retrieve and take care of their babies. Exceptions to this would be when the baby is too cold, sick or injured for the mother to care for; when the mother has been trapped or killed; or when human intervention has so terrified the mother that she has abandoned the nest. If you are not sure the mother is gone, wait and see if the mother returns to reclaim the babies.

Most incidents occur when humans disturb a nest. Raccoons like to nest in chimneys, attics and crawl spaces, while squirrels prefer attics and skunks under decks. The species specific sections below contain information that describes instances when babies should be rescued and when they should be returned to the nest.

Rescue Phone Numbers in Southern California

Badgers: Simi Valley: 805-428-7105
Bats: Poway Wildlife Center: 858-705-4949
Thousand Oaks: 805-374-9027
Beached Seals: Malibu: 818-222-2658
Bobcats: Simi Valley: 805-428-7105
Coyotes: Malibu: 818-222-2658
Simi Valley: 805-428-7105
Opossums: Burbank: Leslie Rink - 818-209-2880
Malibu: 310-480-1760 / 818-222-2658
Thousand Oaks: 805-374-9027
Rabbits: Camarillo: 805-482-4127 / 805-815-7787
Thousand Oaks: 805-338-0481
Raccoons: Camarillo: 805-482-4127
Simi Valley: 805- 428-7105
Thousand Oaks: 805-374-9027
Skunks: Camarillo: 805-482-4127
Malibu: 818-222-2658 / 310-480-1760
Simi Valley: 805-428-7105
Squirrels: Burbank: Leslie Rink - 818-209-2880
Malibu: 818-480-1760
Thousand Oaks: 805-338-0481
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