Rescue – Rehabilitate – Release

Wildlife Care of SoCal was founded in 1994 by a group of individuals who saw with increasing regularity that wild animals were becoming victims of urbanization and therefore the desperate need for experienced wildlife rehabilitators, to care for our native wildlife. WCSC is permitted to rehabilitate all native wildlife with the exception of bear, deer and mountain lion. We are a 501c3 non – profit volunteer organization holding permits with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, United States Fish and Wildlife and United States Dept. of Agriculture. and the City of Simi Valley. Our volunteers specialize in one or more species and operate as a team of dedicated and highly trained individuals.

Our volunteers work out of their own homes with injured and orphaned wild animals, using specialized techniques and diets to facilitate their recoveries and ultimate release. Often at their own expense and on their own time answering wildlife calls from the public, transporting and doing field rescue of injured wildlife in addition to fundraising and educating people on how to coexist with these new urban immigrants.

We network very closely with Animal Control Agencies, Rehabilitation facilities and with local veterinarians who provide medical care, x-rays, surgery and humane euthanasia when necessary. Beyond the immediate benefits of helping wildlife in need WCSC provides a valuable service to the entire community by making help accessible to those who find wildlife in distress.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned wild animals as well as educating the public on how to co–exist with our wild neighbors.

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