Partnering with citizens to help Coyotes recover from Mange

Welcome to our Team!

If you are on this page you have a coyote in your neighborhood that you want to help.
1. We can’t do anything if we don’t know where they are.
2. We can’t do anything with only 1 sighting, but yours may not be the only sighting, even the ones with mange can have very large territories…


These Coyotes with mange are out in the day avoiding competition and conflict with healthy coyotes at night, they are seen laying in the sun to get warm, they are standing in the middle of streets or on corners where they have” learned ” people throw them food. They are to weak to hunt. These coyotes can live up to 2 years or more with this condition. Even in this condition they are very difficult to trap.

These sick coyotes are not a threat nor have we ever had a report of them being aggressive, they are anemic, dehydrated, hungry, and just trying to survive.

Mange is a mite that most animals have but a good diet and healthy immune system can fight off, this condition is caused by a compromised immune system. Rodent poison has been positively determined by the NPS and DFW to cause death and debilitating mange in bobcats, and fox and we know it secondarily kills owls, hawks and smaller animals.

We are poisoning the food source for all of native Wildlife, that is a fact. We have included a plethora of informational sources on the harm and deadly practice of using poison to kill rodents, which also kills and debilitates our wildlife.

Today you can help this coyote by sending sightings.

What we need to help this coyote:

Have people in your community email me at with the following or any questions. (next door or facebook works well to connect sightings)

  • pictures
  • address
  • time of day
  • date
  • sightings with in the past 2 weeks.
  • This is a process and can take anywhere from 1 day – 2 weeks
  • A lot of the areas are to far for us to travel but we will work with individuals who live in the area.
  • Our protocol is not dangerous, it does work, it does not create a habituated animal.

Each sick coyote gets a file, once we see pictures we determine if the animal needs to be caught, most coyotes are treated in the field and recover just fine. When we get enough information we will be able to help but it will take committed citizen scientist observations, we need to know where he rests and the places he frequents the most. Pictures are very important because there are usually more than one in an area and we need to know we are tracking the same animal.

Thank you for searching out help for this coyote. Since Aug of 2013 we have been treating Bobcats and Coyotes for mange. Since March of 2017 we have been treating Coyotes in the field for Mange. We never haze away sick, injured or orphaned animals.

Meet Frankenstein – A Coyote with Mange

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