Backyards are wildlife habitat

One person can make a huge impact on a wild animal remaining healthy and staying in the wild…The number of injured and orphaned wild animals that are brought in for rehabilitation in Southern Ca. grows each year, we can’t do it alone it is up to every individual person and the choices that each of us make each and every day, right in our own backyards.

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Archival Newsletters

Issue Contents
2024 February Coyotes
2023 Poison is still killing our wildlife
2022 Fall Backyard Habitats and Poison
2021 Fall Mange Statistics & Treatment of Mange in the Field
2020 Fall Exotic pet ownership
2019 Fall Wildlife as Pets & Lyn Ranch/Coyote with Mange
2018 Spring 2018 Wildlife Care of So Cal News
2017 Winter 2017 LIving with Urban Wildlife Franky
2017 Spring Conservation begins at Home
2016 Spring/Birds 2016 Spring/Birds
2015 Poison Flier / alternatives / NO BAIT BOX
Fall 2015 Food for thought “Poison Shy coyotes”
Spring 2014 Change is in the Air
Fall 2013 Wildlife Stewardship
Spring 2013 Living with Coyotes for Homeowners
Spring 2012 Backyards are Wildlife Habitat… Keeping them Safe
Fall 2011 Living with Coyotes – The New Face of Urban Wildlife
Spring 2011 Crow Intelligence & Finding Orphaned Babies
Fall 2010 Mange and Anticoagulants in Local Bobcats – Secondary Poisoning by Anticoagulant Rodenticides
Fall 2009 Griffith Park Coyotes – Wild Fires and Our Wildlife – Ways You Can Help
Spring 2009 We would like to share a few heart warming stories that have stuck with us over the years, about the loyalties and dedication of the animals.
Fall 2008 Urban Raccoons, Human conflict and the law – An Opossum tale
Spring 2008 Wildlife Myths & Tales
Fall 2007 Sierra – Death of a wild bird / breaths new life into a wildlife clinic- Clinic Patients
2007 Special Edition Poison Control, Local Bobcats
Spring 2006 Poisoning our Wildlife
Fall 2006 Domestic Cat Predation – Feral Cat Colony – Bobcat – Gray Fox
Spring 2005 Backyard Habitat
Fall 2005 Learning to Live with Urban Wildlife – Coyotes