Reptiles are cold-blooded and must hibernate in cold weather. Reptiles are extremely territorial and should not be removed from the area where they know the food, cover and water sources, and have adapted their camouflage techniques, or they will probably die. Parents in general do not care for their young. Eggs should never be considered abandoned or orphaned.Turtles and snakes for example, lay their eggs and then leave the nesting site.You should note the exact spot where the animal was rescued. If a reptile cannot be returned to its territory, a licensed rehabilitator in your area should be contacted.

It is not illegal to keep a native reptile as a pet, but it is not recommended. Reptiles require specialized care and do not do well in captivity. There is also the risk of salmonella.You should not handle reptiles unless it is necessary for the safety of the animal or because it is injured and needs to go to a rehabilitator.